Localhost is always welcome to receiving new proposals for solo and group exhibitions.

The creation of an exhibition in Localhost is a highly collaborative effort between the Localhost team and the artists exhibited. We are looking for artists who would like to push their work into a new container, and in the process envision their work in a new way. The end goal for the Localhost team is to push the boundaries of what can be possible inside the virtual space, and as a result create unique experiences that aren't possible in a conventional gallery. Ideally the experience might also inspire you to make new work which has been realized specifically for our space.

For these reasons, Localhost is highly interested in detailed proposals which include more than just two-dimensional pieces. If you are not familiar with the limitations of Minecraft - even better! You might ask questions that we, who know the game quite well, might not think to ask.

Consider how you might experience your work in a new way - is there audio that could be used in tandem with your work? Sculptures? Video? Something else? The laws of physics, 3 dimensions, and more are not laws in this space, but parameters to be set and changed.

Curators, aritsts, artist groups, (or however you identify yourself!) - Send us your craziest ideas. We want to help realize the projects that could not and cannot be conceived in a traditional space.

We only ask that you send us your website, an as-detailed-as-possible proposal including descriptions and images, and anything else you think might help us choose your work. How you decide to organize this information is up to you.

Please send all of your submisson materials to localhost@nikonowicz.com


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