1. First, you must open Minecraft. Please note that the server is not available on the Pocket Edition or Windows 10 versions of Minecraft.

2. On the title screen of the game, click on "Multiplayer"

3. Click "Add server"

4. On this page you can enter anything you like for "Server Name" (we recommend "localhost") but the "Server Address" must match the following number exactly: You can copy and paste it into the box.

5. For the gallery to work properly you MUST use the provided resource pack. The best way to ensure this is to set "Server Resource Packs:" to Enabled. If you do not do this the gallery will not load properly.

6. When step 4 and 5 are complete, you can click "Done"

7. Now you should see the gallery on your list of servers. You can simply double click the name and you will automatically be connected to the server!